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Autor:  Maria Valeska
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  26/NOV/2003 6:38 PM
Assunto:  Re: Tradução urgente!!
Mensagem:  Minhas sugestões:
After many years worrying only with the optimization of processes aiming a qualified and standardized production, the society faces the problem of industrial solid wastes. As a result, the management of industrial solid wastes comes to aid and to guarantee environmental integrity, since environment proved to be unable to absorb the great quantity of disposal. Waste separation practices, recycling, reusage, and introduction of new technologies are part of this environmental management in order to minimize the generated disposal due to the fact that, for more efficient than it goes, the process will still continue to generate solid wastes. Supporting this management, there are departments in charge of environmental issues and laws that work as propellers of this mechanism.
The companies that were obliged to manage their wastes and unaware of involved values took action. FAVAN, the Environmental Foundation of Venâncio Aires is the result of this mobilization, where nine local companies maintain a central of wastes, which purpose goes beyond storage and final disposal of environmental liabilities. FAVAN works both acting and advising on the search of new alternatives for the disposal of industrial wastes. The management of industrial solid wastes, since organizational and technically well structured, produces good results in relation to the minimization of these wastes.
Maria Valeska

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