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Autor:  Miguel Vieira
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  28/NOV/2003 6:30 PM
Assunto:  Re: Memphis
Mensagem:  It's just like what I told you the last time. There's essencially two groups of people, Europeans(white) and Africans(Black). They'll see you as a big curiosity and as a result will ask you a ton of questions. I suspect by the time you return to Brazil you will have become much more race conscious. As pat pointed out to you, everything rotates on a Black&White axis, however subtle it may be. You don't have to choose sides, just be what you are. Neutral. This way you'll gain a bigger perspective in the end. Memphis is a predominantly African-American city. Although you will see a lot of poor Black people, you will nevertheless see and experience a very afluent Black middle class. This will probably compell you to wonder why there the ones in Brazil haven't had the same opportunities. I say this because I assume you know very little afluent Negroes in Brazil. Oh, by the way, when refering to people of African descent, don't use the term "negro". Unlike in Brazil, the term "negro" is outdated and has become politically incorrect in America. The prefered terms these days are African-American(formal) and Black(colloquial). The college educated ones seem to prefer the first, whereas the common ones seem to prefer the latter. Allow me to ask you a question. Did you choose Memphis because it's the birth place of Elvis? Elvis was known as a "white negro" in the African-American community at that time. Anyway, if this was one of the reasons you chose Memphis, you will know a lot more about him from the old timers in Memphis. I'm also certain will visit his mansion. It's open to the public.

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