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Autor:  Ricardo - EMB
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Data:  09/ABR/2007 1:32 PM
Assunto:  latim para português

[a. Guarani guaçú deer.]
The South American marsh-deer, Blastoceros dichotomus. Also
guazapuco, guazu-bira, guazu-pita, etc. (formerly regarded as comprising more than one species; see quots.).
1837 Penny Cycl. VIII. 361/2 The Guazapuco deer, Mazama paludosa of Smith, Cervus paludosus of Desmarest and Lichtenstein.
Ibid., The Guazu-bira, Cervus nemorivagus of Lichtenstein... Locality the same as that of the Guazu-pita.
1838 W. P. Hunter tr. Azara’s Nat. Hist. Quadrupeds of Paraguay ii. 126 The Guaranese denominate all deer Guazu.
Ibid. 130 Guazupucu signifies large deer... We caught..two female of the guazupucu deer.
Ibid. 145 The fourth species is universally called Guazubira; and its skin is held in high repute, for gloves.
Ibid., It was stated that the guazupita is met with in New Spain.
1850 Proc. Zool. Soc. XVIII. 237 Blastoceros paludosus. The Guazu-puco... Inhabits the Brazils.
1871 C. Kingsley At Last x, A little brown guazu-pita fawn.
1898 R. Lydekker Deer of all Lands xii. 282 (heading) The Guazu Group–Sub-Genus Blastoceros.
Ibid. 286 He [sc. Illiger] refers to the gouzoupoucou of Azara, which is the present species.


SOURCE: Oxford English Dictionary (Second Edition)

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latim para português  –  Jés  07/ABR/2007, 5:10 PM
 latim para português  –  Ricardo - EMB  09/ABR/2007, 1:32 PM

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