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Autor:  Lilia Brik
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  10/ABR/2007 10:41 AM
Assunto:  /,ju:ni´v3:.si.ti/
Mensagem:      To José Roberto.

Let me explain myself better.I said there is no significant difference in the quality of "i" and "j", both are palatal (in neither i nor j does your tong touch your palatus). One may be a little "more" palatal than the other. But any way, being the same sound or not would never make "year" and "ear" be the same. For the simple matter that "year" has one more sound than "ear". In a lax, Portuguese-like transcription we would have "iâr" = ear and "iiâr" = year.

As for what I said about the convention, it is not a convention about the sound itself but about the way you transcribe it. And, for that matter, the whole IPA phonetics table is a convention anyway. Many dictionaries will use different conventions for the sounds. We shouldn't be so strict about that.

I hope I've made myself a bit more clear. All this has more to do with the way you see languages and linguistics than with this or that being right or wrong. Therefore, this is more my opinion than anything else.

Take care.

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