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Autor:  helcio
E-mail:  helcio99@hotmail.com
Data:  03/DEZ/2003 9:54 PM
Assunto:  Re: I wanna know the diffferences
Mensagem:  Debris : scattered pieces , esp. of something that has been DESTROYED - "After the crash, debris from the plane was spread over a large area" Trash : household or other waste, esp. paper, cardboard or other dry material- more specific Garbage : waste material, esp. domestic waste- more general. Litter : SMALL pieces of rubbish left lying in a PUBLIC PLACE. That's why the sign says "No Littering". Besides, those who litter are litterbugs. source: Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, New Edition.

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I wanna know the diffferences  –  Alexander  03/DEZ/2003, 2:07 PM
 Re: I wanna know the diffferences  –  helcio  03/DEZ/2003, 9:54 PM
thanx Buddy Hélcio!  –  Alexander  04/DEZ/2003, 6:38 PM

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