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Autor:  The real alexandre
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Data:  03/JUN/2007 6:29 PM
Assunto:  fazer um gancho

                              The search for a definition of  " Fazer um gancho" in a previous thread is a bit confusing. Here is my opinion.


                      A similar meaning in portuguese to the  phrase alesantos presented

   "Fazendo um gancho com o que ele falou, eu gostaria de contar uma experiência no ano passado."


    I would say


  " taking a que ( aqui esta a traducao para fazendo um gancho) from what he wrote, I would like to relate an experience I had last year.


       Marcio Farias put forth this observation

   "Globo TV soap opera editors do just that. They "fazem um gancho" on the previous soap opera chapter to bring forth the next."


    I think he has the right idea but there is also a mistake here.


    Marcio Farias is right in because he understands the spirit behind "fazendo um gancho= taking a que" . It means using something to present something else that is related to the subject. In the novela the previous episode ( o capitulo anterior) is related to the next episode because in a novela events are interrelated http://www.answers.com/topic/interrelate but the formula of presenting the last part of a previous episode before showing the present episode is called something else in television jargon( jargao televisivo).


      One more example for "taking a que". Abaixo alguns amigos estao discutindo onde passar suas ferias de julio.


    John: I think it is better to go to nordeste instead of the south in July because it is warmer in nordeste during that month and we will be able to go to the beach more often.


    Steve: Taking a que from what john said I know a travel agency where we can get a discount on tickets to salvador, bahia. 


            Espero ter ajudado.




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