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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  05/JUN/2007 10:21 PM
Assunto:  Ever

Yeah, Daniela.
All fellows here answered brightly.
I also will have a go on this.
There are a subtlety about that construction in English, and will say of it.
Is that sometimes you´ll see sentences with "ever"that mean ´´nunca´´ but in sarcastic/ironic way.



Suppose that you have a friend in a crowd of them, and your friend isn´t

sympathetyc to you (or is a teaser, whatever).

So, suddenly pop up some subject, say, sports. "Ronaldinho is playing in America de

Natal". (and all know it, except you)

you say "I don´t know of this, he is in Barcelona."

[Your non-sympathetic friend with a grin says]

"Do you ever watch television in the morning? this broke in Bom Dia Brasil"


Here is the subtetly; the translation would be:

 "Você (alguma vez) já assistiu televisão de manhã? (his/her grin says that you don´t).    Isso saiu no Bom Dia Brasil (and He/she watch television in the morning, since Bom Dia Brasil is in the early morning.

= = = == ====



You´re at the school and you write in a notepad, however you never erase your scribbles, you risk it and repeat the word you blundered; your notepad gets an ugly aspect.

A friend of yours, seeing it says "Do you ever heard of an eraser?" (Você já ouviu falar de um tal de apagador? ), of course you did, who didn´t? but then why you don´t use it? would be the sense.


I know of it, because I learned in the BBC´s message board, not the one named ´´communicate´´ but the ´´Ask a question´´ and the answer was more or less so.

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