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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  06/JUN/2007 1:00 AM
Assunto:  Think about it

Paula, difficult to say.

The theories are always in an on-off way, say, one day we hear a thing the other day

we are obliged to re-learn the same theory in another light.

Let´s see.

One day was said that coffee was good, you would get "alert" and could study, do others things and so on; another day that thesis was banned, no, not at all; coffee will

weakens your heart and you´ll turn yourself a cardiopat.

Today we learn that "drink with moderation"!

The same with yolk, the doctors banned it from "healthy food" lists, now they say that´s good to combat cholesterol (somewhat).

The same with wine, proteins and so forth.

Mind you. Once the weak Dollar would be the ruin of the whole world, it was obliged to be strong currency and (Brazil included) might have bigger and bigger debts only because our currency have to be devalueted (if not, would be the "end of the world").

The Dollar got into free fall, and nothing; on the contrary, the world can buy products

that couldn´t achieve before, in such a quantity.


So, when you study math you learn Portuguese more easily; when you use your "visual intelligence" you improve your "writting intelligence" and so forth.

If not, how to explain Da Vinci? the more he studied the more he learned and had ideas.

The first "codifiers" were grammarians, then came the mathematicians; the first anatomysts were drawers, then physicians.

The physicians itself were previously the philosophers.


To have a high IQ was the difference when you need a job, then to have an high Emotional Inteligence, after that,  to have an high Emotional Inteligence plus English, German, French and have watched "a noviça rebelde" ten times.

What next?


And don´t believe me, tomorrow my thesis will be all wrong. ha ha ha.

See you.


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