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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  09/JUN/2007 12:00 AM
Assunto:  Tradução possível?

And, a little reminder: the Japanese are good students of English, like every activity they

get into.

To illustrate that, you must take into account their education history; in 1868 already (the feudal Japan) was one of most litterated countries of the world.

In the 70s, twenty percent of workers had a major level (an uni diploma) one ratio outdid only by the United States of America.

Highlited the very fact, that in its great majority their diplomas were useful to society: sciences and techies, management.  That decade 99,9% of their kids were in elementary education, obligatory for 9 years, hence Japan has the bigger alphabetization ratio of the


80 % of students continue your studies till the end of the high school course.

From the high school that arrive to this point, 20% went to faculty (380 universities, with 3 or 4 studying years then; 473 college facilities with 2 year-course.

One important detail, the adult pupils had all your spare time devoted to learning languages, many times thanks to school TV or to improve their knowledge. Simply amazing.

50 million newspapers a day, several tens of millions of weekly and monthly publications and specialized publications as well.

Still, 50 % of space (three thirds in the larger and more serious newspaper The Asahi, that ha then, 10 millions issues in circulation.

Not to say The Yomiuri and The Mainichi, 9 and 8 million issues, respectively.

Had at the time the second quantity of computers of the world.


Data that I took, by skimming the book Japão monstro ou modêlo? by Jean-Fraçois Delassus, wich orignal title was Le Japon, Monstre ou Modèle? issue 1970.




So, 30 years ago. Imagine nowadays.

I don´t really think that a national from Japan would make a "weak" motto, but of course this can happen....to be sure email the people that sent this slogan and ask him to send some folder, some picture, some in pdf, whatever that give a tip.

We will wait what happens, and will be of some help if possible.

For the time being we only can think that lacks some data or context on the subject, ask him/her/they to elaborate a bit more.

Lots of luck.

See you.

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