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Autor:  MiltonHW
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Data:  13/JUN/2007 12:03 AM
Assunto:  boi de piranha

“Cowboys of Brazil still drive their cattle to market. As the herd passes through the plains of central Brazil, it will inevitably need to pass through rivers known to be infested by piranha. So the lead driver will select from the herd one cow that is older, slower, or sick that will be given as the “boi de piranha.”


The chosen cow is forced into the water where its hide is cut to allow blood to flow into the current attracting any waiting piranha. Smelling the blood, piranha from the surrounding area will converge on the area and begin their feeding frenzy. As the cow’s legs are devoured from the hide to the muscle, from the tendon to the bone, it will no longer be able to stand and will tip over into the water. As the vibration and blood scent increases, piranha from 100 yards up and down stream will join in the gluttony.


As the carcass floats down stream it takes with it all of the piranha in the area thus allowing the rest of the herd to cross safely.” By Tom Moen, MDiv ’94

Is there similar expression or meaning  to  ‘cow/boi de piranha’ in English?
Maybe, for example, ‘patsy’. (slang-word)

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