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Autor:  The real Alexandre
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Data:  14/JUN/2007 9:25 PM
Assunto:  caráter

Character is a bit vague.  Does he lack character because he is a coward? I don´t think he lacks character. I think he lacks courage

Does he lack character because he doesn't keep his word, his obligations?  I think that in this case he lacks character.  

Does he lack character because he doesn't stand up for what he believes to be right?  I think this is a case where he lacks courage which to me isn´t a character flaw. If he defends something that he knows is wrong instead of just being passive due to his lack of courage to denounce what he feels is wrong then I do think he lacks character.

 Does he lack character because he is cheap? No. Unless his tendency to be cheap includes making others pay for what he should pay for. In this case he is cheap( ok) and he is also cheap on the account of others ( to be a character flaw).


            So it just goes back to the first part of Dale´s message. Character is a bit vague. I think it is vague because it is , like class, subjective. Yet to me  it isn´t class because it does not deal with mannerisms but with morality.

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