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Autor:  MiltonHW
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Data:  19/JUN/2007 7:35 PM
Assunto:  Codenames



Red Knot (sandpiper)
The Red Knot, Calidris canutus (just Knot in Europe), is a medium sized shorebird which breeds in tundra in the far north of Canada, Europe and  Russia.
There are six subspecies, in order of size;
• C. c. roselaari (largest)
• C. c. rufa
• C. c. canutus
• C. c. islandica
• C. c. rogersi
• C. c. piersmai (smallest)
North American birds winter in coastal areas on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts as far south as Argentina as well as to the British Isles. Old World birds migrate to Africa, Australasia and New Zealand (see distribution map). This species forms enormous flocks in winter.


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