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Autor:  Dale/CR
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  20/JUN/2007 12:39 AM
Assunto:  Stretch Yet...

I think Solange and I were wrong. 


Apparently "stretch goal" is a new management term.  As I understand it, it's a very ambitious goal, a goal that appears unattainable based on most factors but a goal possible if there is sufficient espirit de corps, enthusiasm, hard work, dedication, good luck, etc.  No, I was not able to find a definition of the term.  My understanding came from reading it in different contexts.


"To stretch" means, of course, esticar, extender-se, exigir o maximo de, etc.  You have enough food for dinner for only six people.  And if a seventh person comes?  Well, you will "stretch" the food to feed the seventh person.  You need to change a lightbulb in the ceiling, but you can barely touch it.  You do not have a ladder or chair to stand on.  What do you do?  You stand on tiptoe and "stretch".  It may seem impossible, but you are going to find a way to do it.


If you work hard and everything goes well, possibly you can raise $100,000 for the charity.  $100,000 may be your goal, but $120,000 may be your "stretch goal".  It may be impossible, but you are going to work toward it as if it were possible.  And maybe it will be possible.  Maybe you will achieve it. 


If a Botafogo fan tells you his team will win the next World Cup, it's a "stretch goal".  Impossible?  Maybe not impossible, but improbable.  It could happen.  If everything goes right, it could happen.


Maybe "Permite establecer uma meta dificilima mas realistica".  What do you think?



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