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Autor:  The real Alexandre
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  22/JUN/2007 5:16 AM
Assunto:  Wake up, get up and stand up

           I would like to borrow from Dale´s response to build mine. I want to focus (concentrate) on " to get up" and " to wake up" and on how many times (como muitas vezes) when someone tells you to wake up (quando alguem lhe diz para acordar) he or she is also telling you to "get up out of bed" ( ele ou ela tbm esta dizendo que deves levantar da cama) . Dale pointed this out in his message but I think it is important to return and have a message focusing only on this because it is probably what will cause the most confusion regarding ( em respeito a) " to get up" and " to wake up".

             Dale wrote about " To get up"


"To get up = This can mean to get to your feet, stand up, change from a non-standing  position to a standing position, or get out of bed. 

You fell down.  Are you hurt?  May I help you get up?

I have been sitting here for an hour.  My butt is getting tired.  I think I'll get up and walk around.

It's six o'clock and it's time to get up.  Come on, wake up and get out of bed!"


          Dale then continues and writes about " to wake up".


To wake up = This means to awaken, stop sleeping.  The context may imply that you get out of bed at this time.

I woke up at six this morning. = I awoke at six this morning.

Don't wake me up before nine tomorrow. = Don't awaken me before nine tomorrow. 

I woke her up at seven this morning.  I awoke her at seven this morning.

I was awakened by a loud noise.

(Note that "to awaken" does not take "up".)


         So in conclusion just remember that when someone says " wake up" they can by extension want you to " get up out of bed". It is like when you make a phone call and say " hello, is frank there please" and the person says that he is and then passes the phone to frank. It is assumed that if you asked if frank is there then you want to speak to him. The same thing happens when your wife tells you to wake up on monday morning because you have to get out of bed to start your day ( start your day= going to work to make money to give to your wife).

       That last part is just a joke by the way.

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