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Autor:  MiltonHW
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Data:  23/JUN/2007 7:11 PM
Assunto:  Fazer simpatias


The word "simpatias" is an expression of popular Brazilian. Means a ritual (superstitious) have to achieve an intention (an action for good or bad)

For example, for a young someone put a boyfriend she puts down his face before the bucket of water to see the mirage of someone, probably its future boyfriend. It is a ritual of approximation of a person for future merging.


Another example is the “evil eyes”.  A person acquires a vase of plants and leaves in front of their home or shop, to dispel (keep off) bad luck and bring luck. There are other examples in which the person uses articles, which must be new, not used (glass with of water, ring, clothes, earring, tie, paper, stones, handkerchiefs, photos, etc..


I think that there is no such type of ritual in the United States. something resembling as "simpatias" would be the yellow ribbon that the person locks around a tree – oak, meaning that the person dear away from home return after a period of time and wishing good luck in start  and in return. "Yellow Ribbon'' is the name of the symbol and is a tradition people Americans.


There is a ”apotropiac magic”  which is used for rituals, and symbols to remove the “evil eyes”.


Someone in the forum may clarify this. 

Ex. Simpatias brasileiras .

To attract money at home. (atrair dinheiro para casa)

a) the stage of moon growing;
b)  buy an big mature corn  (the largest find);
c) overturning the straw without breaking and including three satin ribbon the color  green, yellow and other golden;
d)  make a request  of abundance to the Lord and the ear hang at the door of the entry of the house, the hand from within.





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