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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  23/JUN/2007 8:44 PM
Assunto:  Fazer simpatias

Depend on what you are thinking: you could use some words as (with different degrees of acceptance on the Brazil´s culture, you know, there are people that never ever would use such words; a no no thing, and there are people that use in a everyday basis and are okay with that)

in  a more or less ascending degree of acceptance...



-Traditional beliefs (and customs)







-Sorcery (not in the sense of "bruxaria,feitiçaria" but "artes mágicas"


  What I mean is, one can think that the traditional belief of put a saint upside down (Saint Antony, in the case) on a particular month (June) would bring a wedding to a girl is a traditional belief shared for many; and to many is a utter nonsense. Still, others don´t believe strongly, but do it, just in case.



  Put a broom behind a door (when a bore of visitor come home, without the visitor being aware of it, of course) it´s a tradition, not mandatory, but tell it to your friend that is having a dull visit!


   It is the equivalent to (in certain countries) see the (zodiac) horoscope when you leave home to the office (nobody believe, or accept that believe it, but see sometimes just in case, ha ha ha).

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