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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  23/JUN/2007 10:12 PM
Assunto:  Festa Junina

- Beijinho - Kiss treat  (here in the sense "treat= regalo, prazer" , like in the Halloween party but, beware in the English speaking countries they don´t use the kiss stuff, not that I know.

- Biscoito de polvilho -? (I don´t know for the time being)
- Cajuzinho - ? (idem)
- Curau - ? (ibidem)
- Cuscuz - Sugar loaf (same as "pão de açúcar" hence the confusion in Brazil,
in Rio de Janeiro (southeast region, it´s a landmark), because of that Cuzcuz in Rio is a totally different food, a sweet white candy with coconut powder spreaded over it.
Sugar loaf is the northeast´s cuzcus (made of maize corn) and it´s yellow.
- Pé-de-moleque - peanut brittle (or simply : nut brittle)
- Salsichão - sausage (the same to "salsicha") I think it innacurate you could say "a big sausage" to make yourself understood.
- Tapioca - tapioca (without a doubt it´s really tapioca)
- Caipira - (Dale said already in the above thread. )
- Desdentado - (Dale said already in the above thread. )
- "Estalinho" - the same of "traque de chumbo"
- Fogueteiro - maker of fireworks (I wonder you did think other think
because FOGUETEAR is to set off fireworks (so , the sense would be "is the person the set off fireworks..." (fireworks shooter ? I leave it to the natives clarify.)
- Pula fogueira - (I would go to "leap-camp fire" analogous to leap-frog, so you could explain a thing going from another well known thing). but innacurate anyway.

- Simpatias - popular traditions....(traditions of St. John´s day party) [tradições de festa junina)
- Subir no pau de sebo - climb a greasy pole, or climb the greasy pole
- São Pedro, Santo Antônio e São João - (Yeah, you can).

traque de chumbo= fire cracker.
traque= firework
fogos de artifícios= fireworks
and by the way, that´s more related words:
foguete de assovio= whistling skyrocket
foguetão= rope-carrying rocket

warning: canjica in Rio is made of corn (in northeast is mungunzá). beware when you accept a canjica in
Rio you´ll take a northeast´s mungunzá indeed.


That´s all folks!

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