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Autor:  Uriel RS
E-mail:  ubattisti@hotmail.com
Data:  26/JUN/2007 2:12 PM
Assunto:  Phrasal Verbs

Hi there.

I'm having a hard time trying to tranlate all these phrasal verbs. Can anybody here help me a little bit? :)


        "To  keep this economy strong we must
        take  on    the    challenge    of

        "Students  are  performing  better in
        reading   and   math,   and  minority
        students  are closing the achievement
        gap. Now the task is to build on this
        success,    without   watering   down
        standards" .

        "Yet  even  with  all these steps, we
        cannot fully secure the border unless
        we take pressure off the border..."

        "We  need  to  press  on with battery
        research   for   plug-in  and  hybrid

        "And  to  the  Iranian  people, I say
        tonight:  As  you  stand for your own
        liberty, America stands with you."


>> take on
>> water down
>> take off
>> press on
>> plug-in
>> stand for
>> stand with


What do all these verbs mean? They are confusing me...

I'd really appreciate any help you could give me.

Thanks in advance;


Uriel RS      


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