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Autor:  Anthony
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Data:  30/JUN/2007 7:51 PM
Assunto:  Contribution: Music activity for your class

Name: __________________________________________ Date: _________________
B1 –Test 3                    Grade: __________  ______

A. Choose the correct answer:

1. Larry isn’t serious. He’s __________________. (heavy/ pretty/ funny)
2. Jean is a really good student. She’s very __________________. (smart/ thin/ tall)
3. Tom isn’t very talkative. He’s _________________. (good-looking/ serious / quiet)
4. Maggie isn’t short. She’s really ________________. (pretty/ tall/ heavy)
5. My brother is good-looking. He’s ________________. (interesting/ pretty/ handsome)

B: Write the answer!

6. Is your father short? No, he isn´t. He´s ________________________.
7. Are your classmates quiet? No, they´re not. They´re _____________________.
8. Is your sister good looking? Yes, she is. She´s very ______________________.
9. Is Jô Soares from Japan? No, he´s not. He´s from ___________________.
10. Is Mario quiet? Yes, he is. He´s _____________________.  (tímido)
11. Is your father thin? No, he´s not. He´s __________________________.
12. Is your friend very serious? No, she isn´t. She´s ___________________.
13. Is Marcos handsome? Yes, he is. He´s very _______________________.

C. Read the answers. Then write the questions.
1. _______________________________________________________________________ ?
(Eles são da Inglaterra?)  Resposta: No, they’re not from England. They’re from Australia. 
2. _______________________________________________________________________ ?
(Que idade ela tem?)  Resposta: I think she’s twenty-two. 
3. _______________________________________________________________________ ?
(A sua primeira língua é espanhol?) Resposta: No, my first language isn’t Spanish. It’s Portuguese.
4.   _______________________________________________________________________ ?
(Você é japonês?) Resposta: Yes, I’m Japanese. I’m from Tokyo.
5.  _______________________________________________________________________ ?
(Como ele é?) Resposta:  He’s talkative and very friendly.

D: Answer these questions:
1. Where are you from? ___________________________________________________
2. Are you Carioca? _______________________________________________________
3. Is your first language Portuguese? __________________________________________
4. Is Bill Clinton Chinese? __________________________________________________
5. What are you like? _____________________________________________________
6. What is your best friend (melhor amigo) like? _________________________________


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