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Autor:  Lika
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  02/JUL/2007 8:58 PM
Assunto:  HAT -TRICK
I need some help with this words in bold.

Brazil laud team spirit, not Robinho hat-trick

The Real Madrid player has tended to play second fiddle to the more experienced players in his international career.

"Individually, Robinho was the high point but the whole team was excellent, you can't say that any player was a let down," said team captain Gilberto Silva.
"Everybody did their job. It's normal for somebody to attract attention when they score three goals but the whole team got the result."
Dunga, who gives the impression that he sees every press conference question as a potential threat to his team's stability, was also sparing in his praise.
Asked if he thought Robinho had produced his best performance for Brazil, the former captain said: "He's played other good games as well. But three goals puts a different light on things."
The crowd and the media did not agree.
Robinho was greeted by raptourous applause by the 52,000 crowd before the game while the other Brazil players got a relatively lukewarm reception.
The Brazilian and Chilean media also agreed that Robinho was the outstanding player.
"Robinho and ten more," said the Rio de Janeiro daily O Globo.
"Robinho was the bogey-man," said Santiago's El Mercurio.

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