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Autor:  M Rob
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  04/JUL/2007 7:21 PM
Assunto:  speaker's intent

Thanks for the discussion / expansion on this point


I had never thought about this 'psychological' difference in the language use


Of course, my comment was not intended as a criticism of  Márcio Farias - but it appeared from my 'anglo-australian' perspective that the 'cart had been placed before the horse'


Now I have an insight into the difference between the two paradigms of usage


As a contributor who is guilty to the highest degree of going on about the verb structure differences between English and other languages, I think this is an important point (which requires further development at some latter stage - apologies in advance! ) Perhaps the importance of the speaker's intent in english is reflected in the more flexible structural framewrok of the verb


Thanks to all contributors



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