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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  08/JUL/2007 6:56 AM
Assunto:  Resumo / Abstract

Também, a tradução para o inglês da frase "Para a avaliação da atividade antimicrobiana da Ilex paraguariensis seis microorganismos foram utilizados: Candida albicans..." está correta se escrita da seguinte forma: "For the evaluation of the Ilex paraguariensis six microorganisms have been used: Candida albicans..." ou é melhor escrever: "For the evaluation of the (...) were used six microorganisms: Candida albicans..." ou ainda, "Six microorganisms were used for the evaluation of the...". Resumindo: é mais correto usar "were used" ou "have been used", e em qual posição colocá-lo na frase?

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Renata; there are nuances on that, I will explain it.


   If memory serves me; grammar said that "have been " is used when the action have effect up to day(currently, that is, now the effect is felt now).

   If an action is completelly ended, you would put "were used".


  In other words, if the C. albicans  is on the lamina and you are giving a biology lesson you could say that "have been used" because the Candida in question are in full movement and doing what the microorganism do in such circumstances.


  On the other hand, if you completely ended your experiment and sterilized (destructed the living organisms for good); you could say by now that "were used".


  Other aspect is, if you don´t remind in a precise way, you also could say "have been" (but here, my memory isn´t so good, is prefferable to confirm it.)




Others tips are in store by our fellow forumites, so I gave my contribution; but remember I am not a teacher; thus; confirm it and let us to know.


See ya.


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