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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  14/JUL/2007 11:27 PM
Assunto:  Solicitamos que... - Port>Ing

Now that you have mentioned it, PP, how would you have worded that interdepartmental official letter (ofício) yourself?

-- At the government outfit I work for, absentees get their salaries docked. Two of my co-workers work feverishly at recording days worked and days missed. After they finish it, they usually write an interdepartmental memo or follow-up to the main personnel office reporting so-and-so either justifiably or unjustifiably failed to appear for work on any given day. Note: They still do it the old way--they would rather memo it than promptly email it.

They way they word it sluggishly requests that the main office instruct a specific sector or department to dock or penalize absentees. The main office has now again or forever promised an electronic recording clock that never came. So work attendance has become lax over the years, no matter how many bonuses they might miss if they do not show up for work and no matter how hard their bosses rile with them for punctuality.

Thank you for your time.

= = = = = = =


   I preffer the "[written] notice" to translate "ofício" into English.

   Though, by reading your words I gathered the meaning given is "Memo" from memorandum, save some likely misunderstanding, obviously on my part.

   Second, I learned that absentees have your earnings reduced per day AWOL (absent without official leave), is it so?

   Also, infered by the above text, seems that you and your co-workers report to an Human Resource Dept. (or are the co-workers of yours that want an advice on that matter).

   Thing is, always have fresh people coming to job, so why not ask your higher-up an exchange, maybe the case is, the pair is bored so they must be replaced for new staff/workmen, at least your co-workers will have some memos proving that something was informed (and repeated times). In case the information is throug e-mail, they print as a proof.

    Also, could be the case that the "lazies" have some odd job (bico) out there; and the docked earning is less to lose than your profits out there; the case is compare the productivity among others sections, and don´t let others "fill the gap" when they are out.

   Eletronic clock would be a solution? don´t go for that, because they might put a buddie to pass the card for them, and come later; or pass the card and cheat the supervirsor, fooling around; for example taking an eternity in the toilete and in conversation with buddies of other sections.

    Thus, one solution could be using a book, with fields like "time of arriving" "time of leaving" and have words for  sick leaving =S,   authorized leaving=A  came later(authorized or not)=L and so on, and the signature of personel.

    Other suggestion, would be going up, the supervisor would at any time of the day (prefferable at some random intervals) seek one or both and visit them to purpose of

measure productivity.

    In a company or factory, always the worker lax, the boss will think that supervisor laxed controls; so the chairman have the right to know what´s happening, mainly if all resources like replacement, removal to other section, readjustment were used.

   But, is necessary that all that be on record, not by hearsay or kind of.

   I am not experienced in that matter but they must have a consultation with the legal advisor of the firm; or talk to a friend lawyer that is a legal adviser on subject (work laws).

   I personally think that written notice isn´t necessary in this days of eletronic mail, keep it simple, an email signed by the chairman would be a proof, I really think so.

   And be careful, don´t act vengeful, do your part (inform) and don´t take it personally; can be the case that the boss himself minimize the consequences, that is, abolish any onus to the guys; thus only say that you don´t wish work with the two and offer them to a relocation where they will be more productive.


Lots of luck in your job.

See ya.

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