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Autor:  Dale/CR
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  18/JUL/2007 10:56 AM
Assunto:  tradução

Victoria Beckham's bid to woo Americans has backfired with damning reviews of a reality TV show that she hoped would overturn her image here as a sour-faced diva.


bid = attempt, try (He failed in his bid for president.  -  His bid to become the first man to climb Pao de Acucar while blindfolded and in handcuffs was successful.)


to woo = captivate, win, attract (The word is closely related to "namorar" in Portuguese.  Just as you would try to make a man fall in love with you, you can try to get an audience to love you by wooing it.  -  Espirito Santos is trying to woo Japanese investors. - Our school offered two weeks of free classes in an effort to woo new students to attend our Tupi-Guarani course.)


to backfire = to have the opposite of desired results  (You take candy to your boyfriend in an effort to please him.  To your surprise, he hates candies.  Instead of making him happy, you make him angry.  -  You buy a car to save money normally spent on buses and taxis.  The first day you drive the car, you have an accident that costs you R$100.000.  Instead of saving money, you spend money.  In both cases, your plans "backfired".)


damning = very negative, destructive, undesired, harmful  (The criminal initially said he was innocent, but then he made a damning statement to the police in which he admitted to all the charges.  -  The evidence that shows that smoking is deadly has been damning.)


sour-faced = sad, unpleasant looking (Imagine someone who has eaten a sour lemon.  Do they look happy and attractive?)


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