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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  18/JUL/2007 10:46 PM
Assunto:  Dá para o gasto

Dear Gissele, may I say it? Dear...?


Meu espanhol dá pro gasto.

My Spanish is passable.  (be aware that this phrase may have two meanings: they are "Meu espanhol dá pro gasto" and "Meu espanhol é horrível, realmente falo um pouquinho de espanhol mas não é muito bom"

My Spanish is more or less.

My Spanish is so so.

I can get by in Spanish.

Ah, Spanish?  I can get by.

I can talk a bit of Spanish.

I know (only) the basics of Spanish.


You can add some informations too, depending on the chatting you are making:

I can talk a little bit of Spanish, but what I do like is French.

(I sei falar espanho um pouquinho, porém o que eu gosto mesmo é francês.)

I can speak some Spanish, but what I really know is Italian.

I can get by in Spanish, though I am not good at it.




And so, could have a  multitude of varieties here.

NOTE BENE:      1-) Languages in English are (always) spelled with the initials in upper case; the same don´t apply to our mother tongue (Portuguese).

                             2) In  English we don´t use accentuation signs (in written form) to highlight certain sylables, but in Portuguese is mandatory.

                              This latter I point out here, cause when we begin learning English, seems that we beggin forgot our own grammar.

                               This is natural, happens all the time; almost by instinct but if we want translate one language into another is necessary know the basic traits of the two of them.

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