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Autor:  mrob
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  25/JUL/2007 6:39 PM
Assunto:  Carry on X Go On X To happen

I’m not going to attempt a definitive discussion of all the possible contexts in which these 3 examples can be used…


Starting with the easiest to define:


· To happen is close to “to occur” or  “to take place” (to eventuate)


· To carry on often to means to continue without interruption, but can also have a pejorative sense of ‘talk too much about s/thing”


· To go on is rather similar to carry on – with its principal meaning being to proceed / continue forward or in the current direction; it does however also share the pejorative sense with carry on (to go on about s/thing)


There will no doubt be other specific uses and examples which vary from or, at least, do not conform with the explanations provided


(There was a whole series of British ‘comedy’  films in the 60s with the “Carry on …” title – I’ll let you be the judge of the merits of the humour / content of these films)

If you have access to a dictionary you will be able to expand upon the preliminary guidance set out above


(Class dismissed)


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