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Autor:  Allen
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Data:  26/JUL/2007 9:05 PM
Assunto:  Chain of Custody

Property Receipt and Chain of Custody


Chain of custody is the sequence of all persons who have had an item in their custody. Proving the chain of custody is a requirement for admission of an object into evidence in court. Each person who had the object in his custody must testify from whom he received it and to whom he passed it on. The chain must be proven to establish that the object could not have been tampered with and that it is the same object and in the same condition as when originally obtained.


Property receipt is a written receipt acknowledging that an item was received. It is probably a form which also has room to list everyone in the chain of custody. In the case of police evidence, the chain will probably include an evidence custodian who can testify that the object was secure while in the police evidence department.


Chain of custody applies to personal property (movable objects), not real property (land, buildings). Real property instead has a chain of title, including all previous owners and transfers, which must be researched and guaranteed at the time of sale.



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