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Autor:  The real Alexandre
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  29/JUL/2007 4:19 PM
Assunto:  Rapidinha

              Ok. Here is a story that perhaps will bring peace to this thread.


         John was always on a tight and busy schedule and his marriage was suffering because of this. He was at work and in one hour would have to be at the airport to catch a flight to Denver where he was to meet with the head of his company. Due to these circumstances he ignored all the "No Passing" signs as he overtook car after car in an effort to have a quickie with his wife before flying to Denver. After passing the seventh car a patrol vehicle pulled him over for reckless driving.


           Real life ending.

    John received a ticket and was so distraught that he performed the worst quickie recorded in human history and missed his flight to Denver. His wife left him soon after since he lost his job and she was too embarrassed to use food stamps to get groceries.


       Hollywood ending.

  The police officer who pulled John over had spent six months in Recife and was touched by John's effort to save his marriage. The 600 bucks exchanged between the two men also created a loving bond. John made it home in time to pleasure his wife and she told him that they would work things out. In a state of bliss he met with his boss in Denver. He was so impressed with John's optimism that he decided to promote him and so he became regional president of the company.


                           THE END

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