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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  29/JUL/2007 10:59 PM
Assunto:  guarded lift

    Provided that we have some context that give us a clue, we manage help you out.

    Yet, as you didn´t produced any, I dug deep into Webcorp (web as corpus) and fetch the following:












Wait guy.  Why the haste now?



In the text you will read, mean "vigiado, guardado, com segurança(guarda)".




Next time, give context, please.




The next place I moved to was a woman and her son who lived a lot closer to the hub of Quito (the mariscal area). All seemed well, they didnt have any dogs (as Im not the number one fan of dogs) and they spoke spanish rather than english [sic] so all seemed well. The only thing that was noticeable straight away was that the woman seemed very scared of life. Her day would consist of (if she left the house to work) getting up in her guarded apartment leaving the guarded apartment checking and double checking she left the guarded apartment locked to take the lift down the guarded lift shaft to the guarded car park where she got into her car and requested the guarded gates to be opened so she could drive (probably in a constant state of alarm) to her work, which is probably guarded. So basically she was a woman full of worry and this worry was reinforced by her daily rituals. Every time I travelled somewhere she would warn me about the dangers that theres robbers everywhere and I should always take care, rather than focusing on fun things.

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