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Autor:  suggestions
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Data:  30/JUL/2007 2:59 AM
Assunto:  Tradução



Since the final decade of the last century), the INCREASING COMPETITION between XX organizations LED TO the XX search FOR improvements IN THE the management of these organizations (in order) TO MAKE THEM more efficient(competitive) and productive. The challenge to produce MORE EFFICIENTLY resulted / LED TO THE developMENT OF products / production of goods WITH A SHORTER AND SHORTER life cycle XX.


 THESE FACTORS COMBINED WITH  the neED to work IN A MORE integrated manner, COMBINING VARIOUS commercial partners (STAKEHOLDERS??)  (customers, suppliers, etc.), MADE the use of technologies to MANAGE THE INCREASE IN  organizaTional complexity ESSENTIAL/NECESSARY. The adoption of computational (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) systems that took care of to these ESSENTIAL ASPECTS WAS FUNDAMENTAL TO the growth of the market of softwareXX BUSINESSES / COMPANIES / CORPORATIONS, THROUGHOUT all ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) SYSTEMS

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