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Autor:  The real Alexandre
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Data:  01/AGO/2007 10:44 PM
Assunto:  Conan O'Brien

               I think that a good talk show host should have two basic characteristics.


            1.   When interviewing the host should ask inteligent questions and bring up experiences of the guests and lead the conversation in a way that the guest can entertain the audience with these personal experiences ( the guest is interviewed before he appears on the show so the host already knows what the personal, often funny stories are.). In this scenario the talk show host is an appendice to the guest and adds to the humor the guest is providing and NEVER tries to compete with it ( This is to me what I think is so annoying about Jo Soares, he doesn't seemto understand that the guest is the one who the focus should be on during the interviews.)

        2. The monologue is the time for the talk show host to show his talent as well as the talent of his staff ( writers, costume artists if sketches are included , etc etc).


             I think Conan O'Brien is the best talk show host working today. He knows when his moments are and he knows how to be a great sidekick for his guests.

              Roberto d'Avila is to me the best brazilian talk show host. D'Avila understands what Jo Soares does not, he asks inteligent questions, creates a good ambiance and comprehends that the viewer who tuned in to see a certain guest being interviewed actually wants to see that guest being interviewed.

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