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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  01/AGO/2007 11:22 PM
Assunto:  help me pleaseeeeeeee

  South African, heed this hint.   In a general way, the Portuguese speakers, most of them Brazilians, like repeat desperately the vowels, one trait of Brazilian students.

  There are also others, like stick to Portuguese word order, etc.

  Of course, we are in good company, there are lots of guys that do the same in another coutries too, I see blunders like ours made by others students, but this desperate calling is typical of Brazilians. lol.

  See ya.

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help me pleaseeeeeeee  –  diegosouthafrican  30/JUL/2007, 11:22 PM
help me pleaseeeeeeee  –  PPAULO  01/AGO/2007, 10:49 PM
 help me pleaseeeeeeee  –  PPAULO  01/AGO/2007, 11:22 PM

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