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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  06/AGO/2007 1:14 AM
Assunto:  numeros ordinais

19.  Números ordinais em inglês   por juliana às 03/ABR/2006, 2:30 PM
gostaria de saber os numeros ordinais em ingles...

preciso disso para entregar valendo ponto para uma prova...


= = = == =


   I wonder by seeing the hit # 19, and if Mister Teacher decided surprise little Juliana

by asking her to produce some sentence with, say, twenty one numbers of the list?

   What do you think if he/she asked sentences with tricky ordinals such as "translate into English _João Paulo Segundo? Felipe segundo? isn´t it ordinal in Portuguese? Yes, they are.

    Problem is that we learn in early years ( younger than we study English indeed) that Roman numbers are used to high religious authorities and kings from first till ten (so Leo XXIII don´t use ordinal numbers to talk about).

    Still more, if Mister teacher proofread Portuguese?

    That´s why Brazil is lagging behind (not only for that, there are other factors too) countries like South Korea, and others Asian countries.

      I friend of mine went to USA to take classes for his career, and imagine: there was no grade, only was granted "satisfatory" or "non-satisfatory" he would pass or fail, simple like that.

      With our "points" system we fool ourselves, there is much more at stake; a pupil should be assessed in a day-to-day basis not every two months or so.

       At college we see how this change, every two months you have a test but in the second period, for instance, you´ll have questions from the subject of first one to answer. A clever device for you not forget, isn´t it?.

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