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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  06/AGO/2007 3:16 AM
Assunto:  Grupo de conversação em inglês

    The fact that you don't effectively practice your oral skill frequently is very impressive. Guess from your writing anybody would say you are a great speaker of English. Just out of curiosity though...which English Institution did you attend when taking classes regularly and for how long have you been studyin' by yourself? Would you mind tellin' us a bit about your pedigrees?!



   Okay, guy, I´ll turn things easier to you.


   Alackaday- the same as "alas!"  take heed of ! sign, a hint of an exclamation. In Portuguese would be some like a "ai de mim...pobre de mim...pena que eu não....", obviously it´s an unaccurate translation, for it gives a sense of "pityness" in our mother tongue, the same don´t apply in English. That´s why they often use the expression. No taboo.  

    As for Boondocks (I´m afraid I misled you, wasn´t spelled in the right way; not intended okay? only a typo), with two 'Os' I´ll paraphrase Webster thesaurus:



1. A remote and undeveloped area.



Synonyms: Boondocks
Synonyms: back country (n), backwoods (n), hinterland (n).



    If you can reach a Portuguese-English dictionary just look up "cafundó-de-Judas" and you´ll find out definitions such as:   a far-away place, jumping-off place, ends of the earth, sticks, backwoods and much more.

= = = = = =

    For a change, I am not good at English.     If so, I would answer the threads head-on, without needing a dictionary (or with fewer dictionaries that I have); whithout much thinking.

    I am not an "in the know" here or somewhere else, I have no pretenses.

    Thus, I learn English only for intelectual challenge and for fun (from day one I did think the idiom sounded nice, as I think sounds nice French and German).

    If I could I would study more, much more languages, why not? the more you achieve knowledge in other culture the more you have an outlook on yourselve, on your world.

    In a way, experiences are like digital fingerprints; for instance a friend of mine had a nice experience in the Wizard course. She showed me how their teaching is like, so I liked it.

    My (crash) course was very fast, and I knew that would be; in the beggining I had a post-graduation master (who really worth testing, by bringing so much doubts). He sensed my honest interest in English, we had 2 hours a class and 2 classes a week.

    Sometimes I came even one hour after class had began, it was a pain in the ass; for the clerk in the office would say to me that tardiness wasn´t tolerated. Much ado for nothing, for my being late an hour didn´t prove being an real issue.

     Yeah, I brought my homeworks already done (at work, I pored the books); or I did it fast (began after my classmates and finished before); so I fetched my doubt´s notebook (millions of them, stuff like pronounce of ship and sheep......pronounce of eat and ate blah blah blah.

     My course was a mess, they measure all in terms of money (not reaching teacher earn or class improving; of course).

     So, would be worthless cite my English school now.

     I have been studying English for some 3 decades, on and off, I had work and made the ends meet (all that jazz, you know, sorry the cliché).

     True, I studied hard to take entrance exams to uni, my major would be management, that´s would be another history....to make story short I dropped out after two and half years.

    But no doubt, I learnt plenty of things there (I had the kindest of friends at the time, and the thoughest hard-line professors and some awful good ones as well; all in all I can´t complaint). 

     Ah, while in the prep college course, I took the worst prep in Natal. Funny enough, the teachers were most interested in pupils´ entrance in college, this proved to be a good strategy ´cause now they are in the most famous school in town, CDF, no kidding; the name is really CDF!

     It seems a fate, uh? having the worst schools in life, but with best and interested teachers launched me beyond many more well off people than me. Against all odds.

     Mind you, in early years of my life I earn some changes by reading letters to anyone that wanted, I teached in Mobral (long time ago, I was a child then, helped my mother),

did a lot of odd jobs.

      So, when I came to Rio some time ago, the family growing; money ran out and I was obliged to get my books in second-hand shops, surprisingly old books proved to

be the best ones (not a rule, but usually they are). Dog-eared and yellowed, sometimes with cracking pages that I glued with Durex but even so, their contents were gold to me.

      Guess what, I found Speak Up number zero in one! I accompanied Speak Up in your several (press) phases, for instance, Editora Globo, Editora Peixes...etc. I heard the tapes, then CDs in my Stereo and then in my PC.

      In a nutshell, I always studied by myself, by myself? no, here and there I find a teacher, a book, a novel, a music, a lyric, a grammar, a friend, nowadays a website etc.

       Could be a bit more smooth, of course I might learn at school, not by fits and starts; however, I have no haste.

        Hay tiempo.


       See you all, keep up the work buddies.





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