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Autor:  luis augusto guimarães
E-mail:  luau.design.df@gmail.com
Data:  07/AGO/2007 12:32 PM
Assunto:  "como diriam os americanos"
Mensagem:  Living, learning! Very good American History lession... tnx! Westerners, I liked it...
Who are we to change an History-made thing? I'll always use "is" too...

Ok let me correct some of my errors... (and commit some elses)

Mexico wasn't forgotten. I was thinking "Anglo-Saxan America" but writted "of North", the Mexicans are in "Latin America", this I'm sorry for. (can I use this?) Of course, in Guiana they speaks English and Canadians French too, that is a Latin Language, one more time, who are we to change what the History dids?

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