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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  07/AGO/2007 10:56 PM
Assunto:  Grupo de conversação em inglês


        With all due respect, Paulo...You appear to be very self cautions about your English knowledge..or are way too modest in taking some acknowledgment for what you achieved so far. For somebody who's been hitting the books for decades.. I bet four years didn't mean/count that much, did it? Futhermore I assume nobody needs to feel confident to start participating in any forum whatsoever...The road to success is paved with mistakes, buddy....Think about how many people could have benefited from your knowledge had you started giving your contribution to this forum four years ago? 


Send me your MSN


All the best.
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    Dear Deivis,

    I am not overcautious about my knowledge or learning on English, what happens is that I am kind of a perfectionist (you would say, the excellent  is enemy of good...), no in the sense of obsessive but I fancy a neat text as far as I can.

    It´s very difficult present ourselves when it comes to words, you know, many would think we are the arrogant person that show off, I am not the kind.

    I say that because since I bought this PC in 2003 (if memory serves well), first thing I did was join a server (AOL at the time); secondly I find the chat, my buddies were mostly from Rio and SP, not that I had any prefference but ´cause I turn me in a web addict (I am a bit yet), and they were too.

    I could pass hours, stay up all night long, typing in the AOL chat rooms till dawn and next day go to work heavy-eyed, once I was writting a test in my computer and slept with my finger in the key, written many lines of aaaaaaaaaaa and other letters too.

    But tired as I was don´t gave up, no way;  even I envolved myself in an accident; running to get a bus and out the blue a bike appeared and got me right in the head, the biker was launched far from it, he flyed past over me. No time to break (only if he had breaks! or time!),so we collided head on, resulted in me going to work groggy (unfortunately lost bus) and with some parts of arms and legs scrapped (not worst because thick jeans spared me a bit, only in the knee got a little hole, almost unnoticeable).  That morning I was so groggy that almost vomited, seemed like sea-sickened or when we eat something that don´t agree (a stale coffee for instance).

    A friend of mine said that I was lucky, because it could be a intern hemorragy and I went not see the doctor, thanks god was nothing serious! 

     I wonder if the biker went bad like I did, but if so, serves he right not to drive your little vehicle in the opposite direction of that allowed!

     Funny stuff is chatting, one day I chatted with a Argentine woman that happened to work in a chain of hotels in the United States, we did pass one hour or so; and she

assured me that I was a good chatter, also told me I was an intelligent guy, I made a ton. of errors; such as saying that I made exercises regularly, when we know the expression would be 'I did exercises regularly'; she didn´t correct me and told she did exercises three times a week. I would misuse 'make' and 'do' all the time, but in the end I went to grammar books because I knew that something was amiss in my writting.

     Back in Brazil, I wento into a chat room and striked a conversation with a new friend of mine (he was from Mato Grosso), and he could chat in at least 4 languages and he said to me that my English was passable, awful, pitiful.

      That day, I shrinked, like I was a stupid smallest worm in the earth, then I refused treat myself like this...so I studyied more.

      I don´t know why, but at the time criticism hurted me deeply than flattering; there is a good side in that, yes, today I am always up to the challenge...say, because I studied more and learned more, this only can be good to me.

     In a way, maybe I was too occupied to come and drop some lines here, mind you

when I came home, my mail box was always crowded; sometimes came 50 to 80 messages a day....and would answer every of them, in Portuguese or English, whatever.

      When AOL discontinued in Brazil, what a shock!

       This would not for long time, soon I was in a chat, yes I found the rooms of Terra (provider) and though was not even near of that quality of my old provider, alas!

      One thing, I can say: I learnt more English in the past 8 years than all that time ago,

and I learnt more 80% (roughly estimated) of my English in the past 4 years (if was due to advent of computer in my life togheter with a quick course of English, or if I could buy better books  or my interest perked up this days; I don´t know).

      No regret indeed on the matter of join recently the Forum, because I felt was the right time, like I was ripe; I would hate misled one that is trying learn and I do know that are plenty of students (or I think so) reading our posts, maybe even some teacher or professor (who knows?) and being the odd man out in academic issues I attempt to minimize my misleadings or misinformations.

      Again, I am overcautious when I write; not for me or you but for who is now beggining, thus I think it´s better err for the safe side, than suppose that everyone will fill the gaps when I am vague or imprecise.

      No buddies, don´t do that; feel at ease to drop your lines, that´s we are here for; if possible we´ll answer any question of yours.   Don´t do as I did, because it´s my way, I´m like this, it´s all about me.

       As for MSN  I am a complete ignoramus when it comes to computer/software matters, mind you a friend of mine gave me an Yahoo email adress (it happens she lives in SP) and told me that I could chat on PC; what happened was that I managed have a Beta IM and never ever I learned how to run the stuff! up to now we talk on the good ol´ telephone.  Still, Deive I will give you my mail adress some time via email itself, believe me;  today I receive some emails but unfortunately I check once in a while (sometimes takes months), so busy I am this days, or am I getting lazy?

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