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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  08/AGO/2007 8:21 PM
Assunto:  Assesment of Personnel Trainning and Development

In English: Would be something like "Assesment of Personnel trainning and Development Programs".

Though I think it would a heading more easy to encounter such assesments/surveys in a form or a memo, for the following reason:  most of corporations have already

Trainning and Develop. policies under the guise of give employees (line or staff personnel) better knowledge of their work, increase productivity, increase of security, better use of tools, decreasing of accidents, avoiding of turnover, betterment of expectatives, blah blah blah....

By reading an article on the matter, I noticed the importance of such policy in every firm; so the organization that neglects this point will lag behing, for sure.

Trainning and development is a must, so they don´t asses, they do train!





18. Mix Line and Staff in Training and Development Programs
Where possible, training and development programs, whether internal or external, should include the participation of both line and staff managers. Everyone would gain from this mixing strategy.

19. Use Line Executives on Temporary Staff Assignments as Special Mentors/Coaches for Staffers
Line executives who are temporarily assigned to staff positions can be used as a developmental resource. They can be asked to coach one or more staff colleagues in line experiences and perspectives. They can act as presenters or discussants in staff management development programs. They can attend meetings of staff units and provide a line outlook on the initiatives and program ideas under discussion.

20. Arrange for Staff Professionals to Attend Line Meetings and Off-sites
Often, line units hold off-site meetings that exclude staff units, and vice versa. It would be a very useful developmental experience for staff professionals to attend line off-sites and business meetings. Not only would the content of such programs be beneficial for staffers, but the chance to interact informally with line and field individuals would help decrease the isolation that many staffers experience.

21. Move Key Staffers at Headquarters to Field Staff Jobs
If temporary line assignments or special assignments with line content and exposure can't be arranged, move key future staff leaders to field locations before their salaries are too high or they are too senior in the chain of command for such a move. Doing a staff job at a plant, regional office, sales location, warehouse, or other field location is at least half of the way closer to the line, the business, and the customer.

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