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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  12/AGO/2007 1:11 PM
Assunto:  Learning plateau

So it´s a matter of level?


It´s funny, you´ve made some grammatical mistakes, yet you use some "advanced" level words. Lol.

= = = = = = = == =

   I didn´t say that was a matter of level, but a matter of "in the process" you could be in the plateau in a level, say, basic, intermediate, whatever. Trouble is, you by detecting somebody in a plateau (when the process is slow, not stopped) why not promote him to a upper level? or why not bring some things more interesting?

   English, sometimes is a matter of feeling (English way of saying things) example: you could say more appropriatelly "Funny enough" instead of "It´s funny", this don´t means that you can´t make yourself understood, not at all; it´s only a question of sentences more in vogue.

    Of course, I am not judging my own work, I always say here that I have a long way to go; and grammar isn´t my fort altough I learn and study it everyday.   As a comfort I think that at least I explained the "Learning Plateau" stuff, or tried.

    To me, there isn´t such a thing like Advanced words, because my study is a ramdom one; mind you, one time I am reading a book as The Power Of a Positive No, then I go to If Tomorrow comes, next I skim Capitalism and Freedom....while poring this Forum, scanning Portuguese Language, Life & Culture or teaching chemist to my older child, or giving a hand to my kindergarten kid.

    I have my hands full, so isn´t no novelty if I blunder here or there.

    Then, I beg you correct me always you wish, would be a pleasure learn a bit more.

    And useful to those that are reading in passing too, for sure.

    See you soon.

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