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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  12/AGO/2007 1:41 PM
Assunto:  Yet = Still?

     A bit more than simple like that...

     Already, yet, still refer to the present present state of things, and all three can be used to convey surprise:

     Already being used when something happened => usually takes mid position

     She´s already gone.


     Still when something is continuing to happen, or has not stopped.

     She still here.


     Yet, used always something has not happened up to the present; often goes in the end of sentence in a present context, and in mid position, after NOT, in a past context

      Is she here yet?

      He´s back but I haven´t seen him yet.

      She wasn´t yet eighteen.


     Yet is used with NOT or other negatives, in questions, and with words like HARDLY.  When using YET to refer to the present you use the perfect form of verbs:

      He hasn´t finished his homework yet.


      Also, you use the present tense of verbs which represent states or continuous activities that have not so far begun:

       I´ll probably be able to come, but I´m not sure yet.

       We´re not using the new software yet.


      And you use the past tense of verbs representing states in the past:

       I had to confess that I did not yet have an e-mail adress.



     Yet is sometimes used rather than like STILL, with BE or HAVE and a              TO-infinitive: 

      She´s doing brilliantly, but her best is yet {=still} to come.

      We have yet to receive confirmation {=we are still waiting to receive confirmation}.




+++++++      Transcript from English Grammar & Usage by Martins Fontes  with slight modifications.

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