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Autor:  Dale/CR
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  13/AGO/2007 9:22 AM
Assunto:  fairly , quite , rather, pretty
Mensagem:  I think you fellows are taking these terms far too seriously.  There is nothing scientific about this.  A day that is "kind of cold" is not 6.7 degrees colder than a day that is "sort of cold", and a woman who is "pretty honest" is not 2.6 more likely to steal from you than a woman who more "somewhat honest".  What is the context?  What is the intent of the speaker?  It's a bit like asking when a girl stops being pretty and become beautiful, when a breeze changes from cold to cool, from warm to hot, a meal from great to fantastic.  It's all a matter of personal opinion. 

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fairly , quite , rather, pretty  –  bart  12/AGO/2007, 6:09 PM
fairly , quite , rather, pretty  –  Márcio Farias  12/AGO/2007, 9:27 PM
 fairly , quite , rather, pretty  –  Dale/CR  13/AGO/2007, 9:22 AM
fairly , quite , rather, pretty  –  Deivis  13/AGO/2007, 9:48 AM
fairly , quite , rather, pretty  –  Dale/CR  13/AGO/2007, 11:31 AM
fairly , quite , rather, pretty  –  Johannes  13/AGO/2007, 3:35 PM
fairly , quite , rather, pretty  –  luis augusto  14/AGO/2007, 12:31 PM

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