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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  14/AGO/2007 8:48 PM
Assunto:  Learning plateau.

    Dear Aman, and other Forumites.
   Writing and reading are time-consuming and solitary tasks, on the other hand we make a lot of friends and learn plenty of peoples and countries´ lores.
    However it lead us to make tons of childish mistakes, and by rereading my posts I shall make a mea culpa; for my learning is like a rocky road and full of potholes.
    Still, I express myself badly in Portuguese, so how would I expect be a learned sage in English? More still , is a totally different thing reading books, sites and so on; and to learn by osmosis (by reading a text and I always have a sensation of dejà vu, this gives me a impression that I do know English, but when I sit to a test or try an essay I feel my writing lackluster).      So, in theory the more you read the more you write, but must have a lot of bridges such as grammar, usage etc. There is a gap between an expert or native and an hobbyst.
    But this isn´t reason to shilly-shally now, once you begin you can´t stop; and after all, I am not a Garcia Marquez wannabe...
    This don´t mean that I don´t give a damn to grammar, style and etiquette; I try keep my writting neat and not much obscure with the use of jargons, slang in excess (some time or other I use it, but the consacrated by usage) or bad mouthing, unless I need badly to reach the buddy´s thinking faster; for communication purpose.
    My motto is "live and learn" because, in my POV, even the mature ones can learn a lot; more still, if he is a humble person (´cause humble persons have help of others, while the "Mr. know all" are left behind; after all they fend off by thenselves).
    I use to measure my achievement in percentage so when it comes to puzzle solving I score some marks around 80-95% (depending on the degree of difficulty); in grammar a bit less (70%-80% depending on the level, the lower the best). Reading is my fort, but listening is tricky (60% ? I don´t know for sure; but at very least I can understand the subject I am listening) I don´t see the trees but I can see the wood. All in all I could count myself a 70% student, of course on my own [poor] evaluation.
    But it´s a long way to go, it´s like a climbing of a mountain, say, Mount Everest. The more you climb the more difficult it turns.
    In a way I could assert that I am in a sort of plateau, the 70% was far easier than the next 1% to achieve and so on...
    Speaking of plateau...I would change a little the previous posts, plateau in fact isn´t
the point where you don´t learn more, but the point where you have more difficulty to continue building up (I would say "piling up") knowledge. Here a more "process" oriented approach than the ealier more person-based one.
   So, I am open to be corrected any time buddies, though in a logic and convincing way. Conversely don´t take my words easily, search, discuss and talk about with someone. I hope that my tentative help is a kick-off not the game in itself.
    I honestly hope I had helped in some way, because the Forum isn´t a island nor the forumites; nobody is an island.

    And as said the Greek critic, philosopher, physicist, & zoologist (384 BC - 322 BC) Aristotle:       "One swallow does not make a summer."

    See you soon.

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