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Autor:  André SR
E-mail:  andre@asrengenharia.com
Data:  17/AGO/2007 2:37 PM
Assunto:  To Dale: Glad and Happy

First of all, thanks for your answer Dale.


Please send to my e-mail some information about Halder Ramos, I really want to talk to him.


Now, let me tell you about my experience trying to start a club here...In the last month I talked to my classmates at college, and just like you said, they faced the club like a threat...maybe because they are all english teachers...in a few words, none of them were interested.


It is sad because they do not see how such a thing could be good for all of us, that we could create an opportunity to learn a bit more.


So now I am going to ask for my friends...but I must say that is really hard to find people interested in improving their english.


Next week I will talk to my college teachers and ask if they know natives speakers. Actually, by now I have only one friend interested, but both of us have a terrible english...so,  I hope we could find a person who speaks a better english to join us...let us see what comes next...


My intention is to start the club (our first meeting, even if it be just me and my friend) next month.


So, wish me luck! (and forgive me about my mistakes in this post!)

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