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Autor:  angelas
E-mail:  as-uk@hotmail.com
Data:  19/AGO/2007 12:03 PM
Assunto:  Bake vs roast
Mensagem:  Basicament o termo cooking  "baking" refers to the method of cooking food in the dry heat of an oven. According to Williams-Sonoma Cooking Companion (Time Life Books 2000), the terms "baking" and "roasting' equally refer to the method of cooking uniform pieces of meat, poultry or vegetables in a small amount of fat or liquid in an open pan or dish in the hot, dry air of the oven. "Baking" is most usually associated with the process of making baked goods like cakes, pies and cookies. While "roasting" generally refers to meats, poultry, large fish, and vegetables.

Many cooking terms are easily interchanged. The one thing to remember is which cooking method is best for the food you want to prepare.


Espero que a resposta tenha lhe servido. Good luck.

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