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Autor:  Ricardo - EMB
E-mail:  emb@sk.com.br
Data:  23/AGO/2007 11:50 PM
Assunto:  go to, go to the

You can divide the transition of the verb "to go" in three different groups:

1st group: go __ - These are predominantly fixed expressions.
go home
go downtown
go abroad
go nuts
go crazy
go wild
go bald
go bankrupt
go swimming, shopping, etc.

2nd group: go to __ - In this group the meaning stresses the action rather than the place.
go to bed
go to church
go to college
go o court
go to hell
go to hospital
go to jail
go to lunch
go to prison
go to school
go to work
go to Rio, to São Paulo, etc.

3rd group: go to the __ - This is an unlimited group. It's the regular way. The expressions here stress the place.
go to the bank
go to the school
go to the office
go to the park
go to the stadium

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