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Autor:  Lika
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  27/AGO/2007 6:14 AM
Assunto:  Reading
Mensagem:  Ola PessoALL,

I wonder if you can proofread this paragraph below and also make a version of  the second one .I don't wnat these two 'it" together , any idea to write it differently ?Any suggestion to use other vocabulary?

Aebersold e Field(1977:15)suggest that “reading is what happens when people see a text and attribute meaning to the symbols employed in it.”  It is the interaction  between the text and the reader  that creates sense. Reading models in mother tongue were created to describe this interaction and what happens when people read. The tree main models of how reading occur are the Top-down , bottom-up and Interactive. These three models will be detailed discussed furthermore. Those models are also being used to describe how reading in second language/foreign language take place.

"Leitura é o processo de consrução de significado da interação dionâmica entre o conhecimento exixtente do leitor, a informação sugerida pela linguagem escrita, e o contexto da situação de leitura ."

My attempt :

Reading is a process of building sense from the dynamic interaction of knowledge that the reader brings , the information suggested for written language , and the reading context ."

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