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Autor:  Danilo
E-mail:  daniloresende@yahoo.com
Data:  30/AGO/2007 11:35 AM
Assunto:  Speak English
Mensagem:  Hi Renato,
I think it's really difficult to speak English if you can't afford a course or can't travel abroad. The problem is that many people don't feel comfortable to speak in a daily basis either due to shyness or because they simply don't like it.
So I had to find a way around in order not to forget what I 've learnt in many years of studies.
What I recommend is to search for some sites that offer English practices for free.
For example:
www.china232.com  (two guys from Canada, heaps of Podcast Lessons and other stuff)
www.bbc.com/learningenglish  (this is absolutely fabulous, lots of quizzes and other materials to improve your english)
http://speakup.ig.com.br/stories_b/index.shtml  (Speakup magazine, with several articles including Audio in American or British Accent)
I hope it helps you!

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