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Autor:  DaleCR
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  30/AGO/2007 10:57 PM
Assunto:  O significado de 'ever'

In your sentences, the meaning is more or less "alguma vez".  (See below)  The word has so many meanings and uses that you really need to consult a good dictionary.  The entry below comes from Merriam-Webster. 




Main Entry: 1ev·er    Pronunciation Guide
Pronunciation: ev(r)
Function: adverb
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English [AE]fre; probably akin to Old English  always -- more at AYE
1 a : at all times : ALWAYS, CONSTANTLY, CONTINUOUSLY <he is ever making the same mistake> <interference in their affairs became ever less as they became more capable of managing them -- B.K.Sandwell> b : through all time : through an indefinite time <he will ever be regarded with gratitude by his countrymen> <I have not seen him ever since> c : in each and every case : INVARIABLY <war and suffering have ever gone hand in hand>
2 : at any time : on any occasion : at any period or point of time <he is seldom if ever a visitor> : in any way : by any chance <how could I ever have lost it> <how can I ever thank you> : at all <what can I ever do to repay you>
3 a : KNOWN -- used as an intensive with a superlative <it was New York City and State's worst wreck ever -- Springfield (Massachusetts) Union> b (1) -- used as an intensive especially with so <the primary data are ever so often not even cataloged -- L.D.Reddick> <does an ever-so-cute little dance -- Time> <thank you ever so much> <it did him ever so much good> (2) : EXTREMELY, IMMENSELY -- used as an intensive preceding and modifying an adjective after an inverted verb-subject construction <boy ... was I ever green -- Richard Bissell> <is he ever proud of it>

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