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Autor:  DaleCR
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Data:  01/SET/2007 4:20 PM
Assunto:  Como dizer ' vale transporte '

A bus token is typically a coin-like object with the name of the bus company, maybe the name of the city, etc.  It tends to have a design cut into the metal, making it very easy to distinguish from currency.  Bus tokens are not available in all US cities.  In our office they would be bought in large quantities and given to clients (not to employees!) who needed to take a bus but lacked funds.  They were handled like the "vale transporte" in Brazil. 


In Costa Rica small tickets are used instead of tokens.  I think here they are only sold to senior citizens.  Everyone else pays with "real money".


Here, by the way, the fare is paid directly to the driver.  (No "cobradores" like in the old days.)  He keeps change in a foam device about the size and shape of a pillow.  It has about 25 slots, each wide enough to hold maybe 4-5 coins.  In addition, he has 3-4 large round holes in the foam where he can keep loose change.  He steers with one hand while making change with the other.


By the way, the term "meal ticket" has a double meaning.  It is someone who is a source of meals, food, lodging, etc.  (Ex:  John has been out of a job for six months.  He spends a lot of time with Rick whom he sees as his meal ticket, someone to pay his small expenses.) 



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