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Autor:  Deputy Demos
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  19/SET/2007 8:04 PM
Assunto:  Approval ratings

Sorry guys, I'm not sure what this "Mr D's approval/disapproval" has got to do with providing language advice in a public forum
1) There's a simple request - indicating confusion about a language point...
2) a straightforward response - setting things in the right direction ...
3) finito!!
Is it the case that when people contribute in this forum they get an 'overlay' message repeating what they said and indicating approval disapproval from the American idol judge?  (a sort of territorial squirt from the bossman’s brimming bladder)
Seems an unnecessary complication in an otherwise transparent process (and leaves a foul stench)
But if someone feels the need to play American idol judge on the forum, what is one to do?
Why don't we change the name to "Mr D's bailiwick" since he appears to guard the territory so jealously (and operates as some self appointed arbiter in this particular jurisdiction)?










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