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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  23/SET/2007 10:20 AM
Assunto:  How DO you say...?

Hey guys, how you say:

pg44-1 cópia

45 - 10 cópias

pg50-- 1 cópia

51 -- 10 cópias

pg 62 -1copia

pg 63 - 1 copia

pg 64 - 10 copias
= = = =


  Dear friend Dave,

  First thing; when you make a question you DO use the auxiliary verb "DO" most of times, where not use you employ auxiliary "HAVE", this question of yours use always DO.

   Second issue; in English countries you don´t go to a "Xerox" or wherever else and say -page 1, one copy. and people serve you on the spot.  So, you would say more or less:

   " Would/could you copy (photocopy/reproduce/scan or whatever else) 10 copies of page 10 of this book?" or ''Would you copy page ten of this book, please.

    Because in English requests and orders are called imperative, and the PLEASE and will is necessary. I remind you this because there, as far as I know even paying you must treat people and adress them well too.

    Ah, others can correct or give further informations.

   See you.

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